Blog Image: What’s More Important: Lower Home Prices or Mortgage Rates?

What’s More Important: Lower Home Prices or Mortgage Rates?

When buying a home, there are several factors that affect how much mortgage you can afford. Two of the most important are the property prices and current mortgage interest rates. Is it better to search for the absolute lowest rate or is it more helpful to choose a less-expensive home? Here’s how the two factors are related and how to make the right choice. Mortgage Rate/Home Price Relationship Since higher mortgage rates make homebuying more expensive for buyers, you might think that home prices would tend to fall during high rate climates in order to compensate for those costs. Un...

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Blog Image: What is Mortgage Amortization?

What is Mortgage Amortization?

If you have a fixed-rate home mortgage, you pay the exact same amount each month. But did you know that the amount of principal you pay toward the balance of your loan changes from month to month? This is called amortization and it is a method of distributing the interest and principal over the course of a loan so that it is completely paid off by the end of the loan term. Understanding how it works could help save you plenty of interest on your mortgage. How does it work? When you agree to buy a house at a certain price, in reality, you will end up paying way more than that price to you...

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Blog Image: Should I Pay Mortgage Points?

Should I Pay Mortgage Points?

If you are buying a home or refinancing, you have probably heard about “mortgage points.” This form of pre-paid interest can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your loan but in many circumstances is not worth the upfront cost. How do you know whether to pay points or not? Here’s a quick guide to help you figure it out. What are Mortgage Points? Mortgage points – also known as discount points - are essentially a way to pay some of the interest upfront on your home loan. One point is equal to 1% of your mortgage amount. For example, one point on a $100...

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Blog Image: Credit Score: 5 Things You Might Not Realize Play A Role

Credit Score: 5 Things You Might Not Realize Play A Role

1. Library FinesWhile holding onto your rented library book for a few extra weeks might not have seemed like a big deal at the time, it could have come with a cost. And if you opted to ignore that late fee, you may be hurting your credit score. Libraries can send overdue fines to collections, which can be reported on your credit score.2. Parking TicketsLike other fines, cities are more frequently turning unpaid parking tickets over to collection agencies, and that can have a huge impact on your credit score. Next time you get a ticket for parking a little too long outside of the doctors office...

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How To Get The Best Interest Rate

Getting the best interest rate is important- the lower the rate, the more money you have in your pocket. Here are a few ways to ensure that you get the best interest rate for your mortgage loan:1. Improve your credit scoreKeep credit card balances low, make payments on time, and make sure you have a variety of credit.2. Improve your debt-to-income ratioTrying increasing the amount you pay on your loans. When possible, always pay above the minimum payment.3.Consider a shorter-term fixed-rate mortgageMost borrowers consider a fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage. If you are able to handle higher monthly...

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